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Year in, year out, the Dutch dairy cow is required to produce more milk. All in an effort to drive down the price of milk on supermarket shelves. The cow pays a high price for this; she is worn out by the heartless policies of large dairy companies and supermarkets. This must stop; the dairy cow deserves so much better.


Together with the amazing Wilbert Leering, we are actively working to empower Wakker Dier in their campaign, with creative work to amplify their message 

We crafted this commercial in collaboration with the exceptional team at Halal, the visionary directorial duo, Another Duo, and the talented VFX team at Planet X. With this commercial, Wakker Dier takes the next step in the fight against merciless milk.


It was spring, and the cows we’re finally outdoors again, so it's the perfect time to go "koekeloeren" (a play on words combining "koekeloeren" - to peek at cows - and "koe" - cow). The campaign features various thematic ‘captchas’, referred to as "koetchas" for the occasion. Through these, individuals are tested on their ability to recognize the suffering, with an additional online course available for those looking to enhance their knowledge (attended by over 6500 participants). 


Through a clever technical trick, people were able to position the 'koetcha' in front of a website, even on sites that might not necessarily want to showcase these facts directly. This resulted in some quite unique situations.

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